March 2021

I returned from my Florida shows in late February, just in time for -5 degree weather in Vermont! Everyone is staying healthy and safe at the glassblowing arena and it feels good to be back in the saddle.
The West River behind my studio has started to flow again. The moving water brings ice shards downriver towards the Connecticut River, where they will gradually melt and flow into the Atlantic ocean. 
I am pleased to announce the Ocean Inspired Glass Art Collection is live! My glass art is inspired by the colors, textures, and movements of the natural world. The diversity of ocean life and the shifting state of our climate propelled me to create powerful works of art that inspire us to protect our beautiful planet.
10% of the profits from the Ocean Inspired Collection will be donated to the Marine Conservation Institute, a nonprofit organization working to ensure future diversity and abundance of marine life. 
Check out the new collection here.