Nothing pulls together a room quite like a quality statement piece. The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room, statement pieces capture a glimpse of your unique personality, infusing your space with a personal touch that adds character.

An intriguing conversation piece, living with a statement piece of art can evoke fond memories and sparks of joy. The story behind how you acquired a piece, what it means to you, and the way that it transforms your room offers your guests a window into what matters to you.

Choosing a statement piece that you really love or one that’s tied to a fond memory makes it all the more meaningful to live with in your space, reflecting who you truly are.

While the point of a statement piece is to capture interest, it can also pull together the entire design of the room, acting as an inspirational jumping off point for the rest of your decor, or tying together what you already have. 

When choosing a statement piece, let yourself have fun and play with different ideas, allowing yourself to envision how things would look if you let your statement piece really stand out within the room. 


Here are seven ways you can make a statement in your home with glass art.


1. Entryway  

Catch their eye and make a statement than when they first walk in the door with a bold piece of glass art.

Outfitting your entryway with unique art creates an air of intrigue as you enter your home.

Whether you enjoy bright pops of color or a more earthy, muted color palette, decorating your entry way with a gorgeous piece of glass art will captivate your guests the moment they walk through the door.

Style your statement piece on a well-lit side table or a pedestal by a window.


Spring Cintura by Randi Solin 


Spring Cintura by Randi Solin, Photo by Victor Janczar



2. Living Room


Making a bold statement in the living room with glass art offers your guests an opportunity to get to know you through your experience of the art. They’ll want to know how you acquired it, what you love about it, and why you love living with it.

A really well made glass sculpture will invite you into a new world, where just looking into it evokes a sense of wonder as you move around the piece from all different angles. 

Choose a piece that pulls your room together.

Whether it’s a smaller Emperor’s Bowl placed on the coffee table or a much larger sculpture on a table by the window, make a bold statement by placing it in a place where its color and scale are highlighted. 


Crocus Emperor Bowl by Randi Solin


 Crocus Emperor Bowl by Randi Solin



3. Dining Room Centerpiece


Make a bold statement in the dining room by highlighting your glass art on a side table, or a pedestal by the window, or as the centerpiece of your table, giving your guests something to rave about between courses.

It's not just about color, a well-pulled together room also takes texture into account.

Choosing tables with an unexpected texture adds to the wow factor of your glass art.



 Pashmina Cintura by Randi Solin



4. Kitchen 


An unexpected place to have art, the Kitchen is a wonderful place to make a statement with glass art.

Placing your glass art in front of a window in the kitchen where the sun shines will brighten up the entire room. 

Some pieces also look great as island centerpieces or on the counter beside your appliances.



Lapis Borsetta Glass Vessel by Randi Solin


Lapis Borsetta by Randi Solin, photo by Victor Janczar


5. Bedroom

What better place than to add a stylish, luxurious feel than in the bedroom? Make a bold statement by adding a glass sculpture to the top of your dresser or bedside table, or on the mantle.

Research has shown that viewing art reduces stress and improves your health, so why not do that before you go to sleep at night and when you awaken in the morning.


Flow Blue by Randi Solin, Photo by Victor Janczar


6. Home Office

Having artwork that you enjoy in your office could improve your mood, and your performance.

Choose something you love and place it in your workspace in a place where you can see it often.

If your office has a more subtle muted color scheme, choose a piece that brings in bright pops of color.  If you’d like something more calming, choosing ocean-inspired pieces will soothe your mind.

Nestle an Emperor's Bowl on your bookshelves or make a special place for one on your desk or side table amongst your favorite books and collectibles.



 Sahara Emperor Bowl by Randi Solin, Photo by Victor Janczar


7.  Sunroom or Porch

Turn the mundane into the magical.

A fun way to bring the unexpected into an everyday space, adding glass artwork to your sunroom or porch enlivens your space with a sense of wonder.

Choose a spot with ample sunlight and watch your space come alive.

The focal point of the room, your glass art will shine on center stage.

Sands of Time by Randi Solin 

Sands of Time by Randi Solin, Photo by Victor Janczar