Collector Spotlight - Robyn Stump, interviewed by Pamela Schneider

Robyn has loved glass her whole life, her grandad collected paperweights and she continued that tradition with by collecting those and other types of glass.


She found Randi’s work in Sedona at a gallery and fell in love with one of her pieces because it was gold and looks like there’s a bird in the glass, and her nick name means bird, so she bought it. Then she bought four more pieces, and another at an art show, and then her son bought her a Pink Camo Bowl for Christmas.


Robyn says: “The bright colors in her pieces really drew me to her work, and the fact that its so different from everything else I’ve seen.


Out of all the pieces I own, the Pink Camo Bowl that my son and husband picked out is the most beautiful to me, and the most special.  


We divided our collection up between our two homes originally, but when we sold one of them we brought them all to one home and I really love having them all together as a group. If I ever buy another home I’ll save up my money and buy seven more! We keep them all on a shelf in our home, they look so good together.


Owning Randi’s work has kept my love of glass alive. I had so many paperweights and I thought, I think I’ve got enough glass, I almost stopped collecting. When I ran into Randi’s work I fell in love again with glass again, it’s really fueled my love of collecting glass and kept the tradition going. 


I’ve never been to Vermont, my dream is to come to Vermont and see Randi’s studio and meet her, and watch her blow glass. My husband’s name is also Randy, so that makes it even more special to me.”