Emperor Bowl Series

Emperor Bowls are exquisite blown glass vessels that embody the essence of contemporary abstract expressionist coloration. Crafted by Randi Solin, each bowl features meticulously applied layers of color, creating dynamic and captivating compositions of light and glass. The process involves applying each hue by hand, allowing for a unique interplay of shades and textures in every piece. This careful layering technique results in a vibrant, multi-dimensional effect that transforms these bowls into stunning works of art.

"The distinct shape of the Emperor Bowl came to me in a lucid dream many years ago. It was inspired by classic Chinese vessels and Japanese Ikebana vases designed to hold a single flower," says Randi Solin. This inspiration is evident in the elegant, timeless design of the Emperor Bowls, which blend traditional influences with contemporary artistic expression. The bowls' unique forms and vivid colors make them not only functional objects but also striking decorative pieces. Each Emperor Bowl stands as a testament to Solin's artistic vision and her ability to fuse cultural heritage with modern glassblowing techniques, creating pieces that captivate and inspire.