Botanical Collection

Randi Solin’s Botanical pieces are a testament to her ability to capture the exquisite beauty of natural forms through glass artistry. Each sculpture in this collection is meticulously crafted by assembling blown glass components while they are still hot, incorporating solid bit work for added depth and detail. Once assembled, Solin employs techniques such as sandblasting and acid etching to enhance textures and refine the final aesthetic.

“This collection of glass sculptures is inspired by nature’s botanical buds, full of potential, regrowth, and new beginnings. For me, It’s all about the form,” explains Randi Solin. Her artistic vision celebrates the intricate shapes and delicate structures found in botanical life, translating them into graceful and expressive glass artworks. By combining technical skill with a deep appreciation for natural beauty, Solin invites viewers to explore the essence of growth and transformation through the artistry of blown glass. Each piece in the Botanical collection resonates with a sense of vitality and renewal, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the natural world's timeless elegance.