Window Series

The handblown glass pieces in Randi Solin's Window series stand out from her typical work by emphasizing depth over surface detail. These sculptures invite viewers to explore the layers within, creating a sense of lightness and breath in their coloration. Each piece is designed with a distinct "front" and "back," encouraging a multifaceted viewing experience that reveals the intricate interplay of light and color within the glass. This approach allows Solin to push the boundaries of traditional glass art, creating works that are both visually captivating and intellectually engaging.

"The Window Collection requires the viewer to engage differently; to look through these pieces and to consider the different experience of each side," explains Randi Solin. This dual perspective challenges viewers to see beyond the surface, appreciating the complexity and depth that lie within each sculpture. The Window series transforms the act of viewing into an interactive experience, prompting contemplation and deeper connection with the art. By inviting this level of engagement, Solin's work in the Window series not only showcases her innovative technique but also enhances the viewer's appreciation of the subtle nuances and beauty of blown glass art.