Cosmic Inspiration: Nebula Emperor Bowls

I was inspired to create the Purple and Black Nebula Emperor Bowls after studying images from the Hubble Telescope. The Hubble has been transmitting beautiful images of our universe back to us since its launch in 1990. The Purple Nebula Emperor Bowl was inspired by the Eagle Nebula, where the famous Pillars of Creation are located.
Nebulae are the nurseries of the universe, fostering the building blocks of life. I keep a periodic table of elements in the hot shop, reminding me where the materials I use come from.
The soda lime glass in my furnace is composed of silica, sodium dioxide, and calcium oxide. My color palette is created from different elements such as copper and cobalt mixed with glass.
The Nebula Emperor Bowls both feature saturated coloration and trails of glass that mimic constellations of stars, or flowing clouds of cosmic dust. The cut and polished tops reveal the interior colors layered in thick glass.