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Creating a Shard Bowl & Rectangle: An inside look into Randi's Coloration Process

  I create the color pallet for the Shard Bowl and Rectangle over the course of a week, by first creating Sahara, Gold Ruby, and Blue Cobalt Emperor Bowls individually. I create each one to be a museum quality piece, as if I were to send it off to a museum or gallery, and then I smash them with a hammer. There's something transformative about smashing a piece that you've created, and making something new out of it that I enjoy every time I make this piece. It's as though I am releasing its preciousness, and allowing it to become part of something bigger than itself. Next I take the smashed shards of the Emperor Bowls and mix them with over six...

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In the studio with Randi Solin: An inside look at her creative process

  Glassblowing is a like a finely choreographed dance, where everyone has their part to play and we all work together towards one fluid creation. Today we're creating an Azul Kauri for Chasen Gallery in Sarasota, Florida. Before we begin the team gathers to discuss the game plan so everyone has an overview of the steps it takes to create the piece, and so that each of us is clear on what we will be doing. We discuss the color palette and lay out the glass that we will use to color the piece.  We use powdered glass, glass cane (long thin strands), glass chips and shards from Germany to create the layered effects of color, and sometimes silver or gold foil...

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Collector Spotlight - Ron Castaldo, interviewed by Pamela Schneider

Ron has been collecting Randi's work since the early 90's. I had the pleasure of talking with him yesterday about his experience and why he loves living with her pieces. Ron says: My wife and I have lived and worked in France since the 60s when we were students and we’ve always been interested in collecting art and have been collecting for quite awhile. In the 90’s when Dale Chihuley became popular we went to one of his exhibits and I mentioned to my wife that I really wanted to start collecting glass, so I looked around at what was available and I didn’t find anything intriguing, it looked like everyone was copying his work. Then I went to a...

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