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Nothing pulls together a room quite like a quality statement piece. The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room, statement pieces capture a glimpse of your unique personality, infusing your space with a personal touch that adds character. An intriguing conversation piece, living with a statement piece of art can evoke fond memories and sparks of joy. The story behind how you acquired a piece, what it means to you, and the way that it transforms your room offers your guests a window into what matters to you. Choosing a statement piece that you really love or one that’s tied to a fond memory makes it all the more meaningful to live with in your space,...

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Greenland: An Inside Look at Nature's Abstraction

An article about the melting ice caps of Greenland in National Geographic moved me to create sculptures to both mimic and honor the frozen monoliths as they melt away. As a child my dad would gift me a subscription to National Geographic every year for the holidays and I just loved reading them. Much of my work is influenced by the photos I would see there. One of my favorite articles was about the melting polar ice caps in Greenland. The coloration of the photos profoundly touched me, and I began to think about how I could re-create the colors and textures through glass. I was especially drawn to a photo of a meltwater carved canyon that was 150 deep, that had black...

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Creating a Shard Bowl & Rectangle: An inside look into Randi's Coloration Process

  I create the color pallet for the Shard Bowl and Rectangle over the course of a week, by first creating Sahara, Gold Ruby, and Blue Cobalt Emperor Bowls individually. I create each one to be a museum quality piece, as if I were to send it off to a museum or gallery, and then I smash them with a hammer. There's something transformative about smashing a piece that you've created, and making something new out of it that I enjoy every time I make this piece. It's as though I am releasing its preciousness, and allowing it to become part of something bigger than itself. Next I take the smashed shards of the Emperor Bowls and mix them with over six...

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