Creating a Shard Bowl & Rectangle: An inside look into Randi's Coloration Process

Shard Bowl Up Close


I create the color pallet for the Shard Bowl and Rectangle over the course of a week, by first creating Sahara, Gold Ruby, and Blue Cobalt Emperor Bowls individually.

I create each one to be a museum quality piece, as if I were to send it off to a museum or gallery, and then I smash them with a hammer.

There's something transformative about smashing a piece that you've created, and making something new out of it that I enjoy every time I make this piece.

It's as though I am releasing its preciousness, and allowing it to become part of something bigger than itself.

Next I take the smashed shards of the Emperor Bowls and mix them with over six inches of other colored shards on the hot plate to give the piece over a dozen uniquely blended colors.

When you look at the finished piece, you can see the trails of each Emperor Bowls juxtaposed to a background of blue coloration in clear made of tons of white, lapis, and lichblau blue, which spider under the heat making a beautiful patterns underneath the trails of the Emperor Bowls and shards of glass.

This creates a deeply rich, textured layered coloration in the piece.

Having the Shard Bowl and Rectangle in your space is like having a never ending spring bouquet.

Shard Bowl with Tulips