A sculptural blown glass vessel featuring blue, green, and clear glass stands against a white background.

Aquos Rectangle

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The Aquos Rectangle is a captivating glass sculpture that showcases a soothing blend of green and blue aventurine glass, reminiscent of tranquil tropical waters. This serene palette is defined by surprising bursts of color that seem to swim and dance between layers of sterling silver leaf and delicate white glass cane. The vibrant coloration creates a dynamic, underwater effect, evoking the ever-changing hues and movements of oceanic life. The interplay of these elements results in a piece that is both visually engaging and deeply calming, inviting viewers to lose themselves in its tranquil beauty.

Expertly crafted by Randi Solin at her Brattleboro, Vermont studio, the Aquos Rectangle is formed on the blow pipe and shaped using a cherrywood mold, with exceptional skill and artistry. The meticulous coloration process and high quality materials highlight the intricate detailing and textural richness of the sculpture. Each angle reveals a new interplay of light and color, further enhancing its allure. With its unique combination of serene tones and vibrant accents, the Aquos Rectangle stands as a testament to Solin's ability to translate the beauty of nature into exquisite glass art.

Dimensions: 19” x 7” x 5”

Cut and polished top. Signed on bottom.

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