Internal Aliyah Emperor Bowl

Internal Aliyah Emperor Bowl

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At the core of the Internal Aliyah Emperor Bowl lies a mesmerizing depiction of deep volcanic red hues, drawing inspiration from the powerful landscapes of Hawaii's volcanoes. Surrounding these rich layers are intricate arcs of cane glass, meticulously layered with varying particle sizes and colors, evoking a dynamic sense of movement and depth within the vessel. The name "Aliyah," meaning "ascension" in Hebrew, aptly reflects the bowl's design, capturing the essence of the upward journey and transformation symbolized by its vibrant colors and fluid composition.

Handblown with precision on the blowpipe, this blown glass vessel exemplifies the artisanal mastery of its creator. Signed on the bottom by the artist, this artwork stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, inviting viewers to explore its intricate details and appreciate the beauty of form and color captured within its elegant contours.

Approximate Dimensions:  7″x7"x7"

All of my pieces are made to order and take 2-3 weeks to ship.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, size and coloration may vary from what is shown here.