Meadow Emperor Bowl

Meadow Emperor Bowl

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Meadow features vibrant pops of bright green, beautifully accented with hints of blue and delicate silver foil from Japan. This exquisite piece captures the essence of spring's renewal, with each color carefully chosen to evoke the freshness and vitality of the season.

The external coloration process of Meadow is reminiscent of a fiddlehead emerging from the Earth, symbolizing the first greens of spring. This piece invokes feelings of rejuvenation and the joy of new beginnings, making it a perfect addition to any space that seeks to capture the essence of nature's rebirth.

Handblown on the blowpipe by master glassblower Randi Solin at her studio in Brattleboro, Vermont. 

Cut and polished lip, signed on the bottom.

Approximate Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 7"

All of my pieces are made to order and take 2-3 weeks to ship.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, size and coloration may vary from what is shown here.