Salmon Magnolia Bud

Salmon Magnolia Bud

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This blown glass sculpture, enhanced with intricate hot glass additions, draws inspiration from the distinctive shapes of magnolia seed pods. The organic forms capture the essence of renewal and rebirth, mirroring the natural cycles of growth and transformation found in nature. Each element is carefully crafted to reflect the delicate yet resilient nature of magnolia seed pods, creating a piece that is both visually stunning and symbolically rich.

Expertly hand-shaped while hot on the pipe, this sculpture showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The artist's skillful manipulation of glass results in a dynamic work of art that evokes the beauty and elegance of magnolia seed pods. Perfect for art collectors and nature enthusiasts alike, this sculpture serves as a poignant reminder of the continuous cycles of life, adding a touch of natural beauty and profound meaning to any space.

Approximate Dimensions: 28” L x 11” H

All of my pieces are made to order and take 2-3 weeks to ship.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, size and coloration may vary from what is shown here.